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BuildEdge in the Real World

The other day, we received a nice letter from Craig Weber, a designer who is using SketchUp and the BuildEdge... Read More →

The New BuildEdge versus BuildEdge Plan

Lots of folks have been asking us about the upcoming release of our new BuildEdge plugin for SketchUp. What is... Read More →

We have a winner…

Over the past several months, the BuildEdge crew has been working fast and furiously on the next release of our... Read More →
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User Testimonials

… there are so many plug-ins available but yours simplifies one of the core processes of SU, that is making walls and roofs. It really should be an essential get for all users of SU. You’ve also provided the trifecta - Great Product, Great User Instructions and Great Support.

John Kamus AIA

This is probably the best (plugin) I've downloaded so far. I learned it in about 5 minutes. Very user friendly. Thanks for the great job!

C.W. Munro

I LOVE the way I can change a HIP to Gable in your (plugin)...

S.J. Cirile

Mate, you have been sensational with the help you have provided on this. You have a great plugin and the support you give it is fantastic!


Bravo majstori ... Mnogo, mnogo hvala (Bravo Masters… Many, many thanks)

Krešimir Kadija

Best Architectural Plug in IMO. Keep the good work going.

Olav M. Schneider

This just may be the add on to get me to buy after all.'


We are in the process of converting our entire office from AutoCAD to SketchUp including BuildEdge plan for design and CD's

John Kamus AIA

Plugin is perfect and works great! Good Job!

Renata Narbute

I think that (BuildEdge PLAN is) the greatest program I have ever bought…

Peter Catuzzi

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